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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 19, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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you beauty presint obama region with little more than a slap of a secret decoder come a decode this. no way. he still has carte blanche to snoop on you and me. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. president obama said he had no idea. so much of the metadata mining.
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and many dado records and bank records and then for the presidento say stop soaring all of those records, that is one for the too much to believe record. and the bottom the nsa has been shaen but not stirred and clearly not stopped. as an agency that is abusive, far from arrested. so for all of those that think that this is ending, it is providiig a few weeks a cover for spies who might temporarily go into hiding. because that is the thing about james bond. how many times a day tried to kill him and couldn't. and lots of mone and spies. that is why there was sky fall and that is why for size the sky will never fall. still serious and still upset.
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arry is here and he just said that they are risking doing something that is unconstitutional. do any of the presidents actions to bece for today? >> no, you're absolutely rit in your analysis here. first of all, this never would've come to life if not for edward snowden in mid-september and mid-december. the reality is that obama got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and the nsa has to come up with an excuse. and today put in charge of making the so-called reforms? james clapper, the director of national intelligence who committed perjury to congress and lied and said they were not spying and eric holder of "fast and furious" and irs gate, he has also lied to congress.
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it is powerful and influential. and it's very likely that anything will happen. niel: so they throw thisone and then another line. no matter how many lines that we draw in the sand, people just kicked the sand right back in the notion is that the president really doesn't mean what he says. you mention what is going on in the justice department and what is going on within the nsa and i look at the irs with an investigation that has been downgraded one that won't involve any criminal charges. >> and that is the problem. we have a government wh
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corrupt leaders. those that don't tell the truth, whether it's any of these scandals or obamacare or whatever. but the reality here is that we are not against leitimate spying. and why was it necessary to get the metadata? it doesn't mean at the government isn't when access it.
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niel: edward schmidt is going to talk to us about this. so bill, i'm going to you first. it is your expertise that has led to this crisis. >> one of the things that we suggested to the white house and the congress as one of the things th they should do to help perform nsa, it is to have a set that technical people are assigned to. because they are in the pocket of the agency. but all of congress where they are cleared and can go into the nsa and all the networks and the databases and see what is there. see the processes thathey are doing and verify what they actually have had and are doing and make sure that everythin
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they say to the court sent to the congress and the administration and the republic is true. theyare raining an end. >> howard? >> yes, and that is one of the issues that we wind up dealing with this kind of figure out what are those boundaries and intelligence pieces that we need while at the sam time protecting priva and civil liberties. it's really interesting. not as often as he talked about
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homeland security and protection of citizens. niel: what i worry about is that the balance between us, a lot of free speeches ad it is focusing on the2 degrees around a bad guy. like a terrorist group and that doesn't quite go far enough. it just talks about analysis. and that will lemonade that collection d also will satisfy the citizens of the united of states.
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>> well, that is what the issue of transparency and openness that we had after /11. and that is one piece that we would have the inside to do it. and that is with congress. congress hears one side of the story and they don't hear the entire piece of it and they don't understand the technology. so as a consequence they are on the side of the intelligence that says we will support this. niel: thank you both so much. the president is trying to tamp the nsa scandal down. but it keeps flaring up. need a guy who says they are
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niel: hack attacks that hit more than thousands of customers. robert says the target reach may also have hit others as well and it may not just stop with them. so what makes you think that this is coming from that neckf the woods. and it could be caught up in this. >> neiman marcus hasn't disclosed how much information has been breached. it seems that targets data is the information that was hcked. and i'm not sure that it was properly recorded. in the code shows russian language built into them aware. so it looks like there was a possibility that organized crime is behind this.
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niel: to what end? >> it is to the degree that russian organized criminals. niel: so far you haven't seen a lot of people lose money. maybe they don't g to targt for a while, they hold off. i always think that we are one st away from something far more serious. potentially millions of americans bank accounts being
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blamed. >> agreed. so this is far from a big deal. i know that plenty of people whose credit cards were compromised. >> they were unauthorized charges that we made and they were coached by this due to credit card fraud and that is just the beginning. when our financial system revolves around this, digital information that is essentially stored in the cloud and those servers can service can be accessed by bad guys in this way to the degree where they are able to download this information in such a short periods of time. it definitely is cae for alarm that our system could be in jeopardy we don' get up to speed in regards to protecting
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information that is in the hands of the banks and the retailers. niel: it is the warm-up to the follow-up of the more devastating world trade center stop. it serves as a warm-up to doing something more damaging to our financial system. >> you're not the only one without fear. i've heard many others as well. and our information is digitized. we don't hav paper as backup and they're so there's so much information out there and it's in the wrong hands downthe road and it could cause a disruption in our economy is significant attack occurred. >> robert, thank you so much now wal-mart has done it.
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>>o you think that we should raise theinimum wage so that those workers can earn a living ge and not have to get medicaid or food stamps? niel: senator bernie sanders over income inequality. liz macdonald said this is gting nasty and ugly and it is a deflection away from washington's promises.
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what do you say? reporter: these arguments are raising the minimum wage, a lot of people get it and it's a great argument. and the senator has been for months now attacking the walton family and putting this is an inequality issue at the time that media outlets including fox business, that we do provide retiree benefits and we do provide great an fect in term of free health care, ffee vaccinaons. and it's kind of a diversion away from the bad washington dc policies that are creating income inequality. ni: this health care laws getting prohibitively more expensive. there is a far better health insurance policy for its
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workers. >> i tnk wal-mart is a much better employer th it was 10 years ago. it provides a lot of health benefits and wages are going up and i don' kw if putting this on the debate is the right thing or the wrong thing to do at that we should be raising the minimum wage and that was something we used to do routinely in this country from 1961 through 1981. we raised the minimum wage 14 times in 30 years and we have been more stingy about raising it. if you're working full time you'll you will be able to live a decent life. niel: i can see the argument for minimum wage. but having said that, i think it misses a bigger point with wal-mart.
6:22 pm
those that had health insurance cheap, affordable health insurance. and only one o of eight workers did the shots that they offer. reporter: that's right, they say say that wal-mart is a low-priced shopping venue. and the thinn is that when you look at this whole debate it's part of a broader picture that you're going to see basically in this midterm election year. we are in an economy creating what are called low paying jobs. families are trying to raise their children needing the 8-dollar or 9-dollar or 10-dollar an hour jobs and it is driving wal-mart into this story. when wal-mart has been under fire for paying low wages. it's the first point about
6:23 pm
washington dcpolicies and also the benefit packages that wal-mart is giving. >> we are losing sight of that. that leaves the american consumer that might or might not be perfectly willing in the belief is that they will happily pay more. consumers are picky and they tend to seek out the lowest cost. >> there was a recent survey of some of the top economist in the couny and what they thought
6:24 pm
was the minimum wage that would be good for the country and good for consumers. one third said that for everyone in the and the other third set not so good for everybody and the othersay it is not going to make much of a difference. the thing about this is it affects him a lot and it will make a real difference. so for the entire size of the economy is an isn't infinite amount of the economy and it has very small effect on prices of things and small effects unless you raise it to this and do you think that that would have a substantial issue? >> i think that in most parts of the country if you raise the minimum wage, it would probably have a deleterious effect on employment and probably prices.
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neil: google pain and the glass. e california was ticketed while driving.
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the overpromising commercials still leaving homeowners feeling a little bit like they have some odds. and so we said, your point is what? >> my point is that it's not illegal. the item is not illegal and they actually have other things and bmw, mercedes, all of these other cars, this is not illegal. and you can't stop technology. >> how did you ascertain she had these glasses on? >> she's part of the test study. neil: is very obvious. >> the claim was made by the officer and there are little trees with the snow on them. those are percale as well. neil: so the bottom line is thi is ultimately dismissed, but
6:30 pm
your fear is what? >> my fear is that there's a public safety issue. the reason it was dismissed was the officer in th case could not prove that she was actually using the glasses they were on. so it wasn't dismissed on any kind of issue. neil: there were a lot of these upont displays. >> i agree with those other items in their other distractions. just looking at a gps in your car is somewhat of a distraction. so where do you draw the line? welcome and these are things you can do. horseback riding, flying, fire juggling, skydiving. they showed a girl in a wheelchair driving. and i think that people in whlchairs should be able to die. but they were doing directions with glasses and i just think
6:31 pm
that there's more to it than that. neil: some of these others announced in the past couple of weeks with pandora, the dashboard displays, you should be driving. where you.line? >> aaa did studies and they said that having the information in front of you, it might be better. because when you are driving from your driving 50 miles per hour. and that car has gone 75 feet and that is the formula so is it better to have it in front of you? >> you are right and this a little bit to the right. but it should probably be limited to only information pertinent to the driver. such as driving and speed limit and directions. it's already there. so all i'm saying is that we can't inhibit technological advancement. it's on the driver and the choice is the driver.
6:32 pm
they have the choice. put in a safety precaution if you want to do anything. >> when he states moving you can't access gmail or e-mail. but it gets to be a real hassle. >> i agree with lee said that maybe it should just be limited to cetain things you can do whilen the car. >> technology is not often pretty. neil: does he look like spock? >> you really want this guy is driving behind you to be a flying trapeze while he is also driving behind you? and i do see your point a little bit. >> you stumbled around this
6:33 pm
technology. if you can do things like horseback riding byers waso be driving a car. [laughter] neil: don't understand that. >> how about the juggling? in the juggling while driving should be against the law. [laughter] >> the driver has to be responsible. neil: they need to be responsible for their actions. >> i'm saying that i should be allowed to drink a big gulp pop if i want to. i choose not to drink the whole thing because it's my responsibility to drive end of responsibly to where the technology or not is mine. neil: if you get these things like ray bans, okay i'm with you. otherwise i'm not. meanwhile, democrats and the
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>> it's why she blew the whistle on the disastrous health care website. neil: this ad that blasts the health care law is not sunny for what's in it. the democratic pack. for this arizona congresswoman ann kirkpatrick, you can't run far enough from the thing. i actually think that this can be a preview. >> maybe there is a glimmer of hope that democracy works. when they have their backs to the wall here and the great
6:38 pm
majority of people in their district state and locality are saying that obamacare is not working, they are very quick to run to the other side. and i agree. and republicans are going to stay, let's startover. obamacare is not working. neil: the argument that you hear is they give te plan more time. i think steny hoyer was telling me try six months. >> i think it is going to go the other ways. at the the left is confusing sign-ups with actual pay and there is a fair aunt of sign-ups even though the numbers are low but lower than what the administration wants. but when it comes to actually paying, people just aren't paying and that is something
6:39 pm
that comes acros the board. whether it is amazon or ebay or anything. but the number of people sign up for something is always far exceeding the number that they pay. the revenue is a lot less. neil: let's saythat insurance companies are between a rock and a hard place, they will guarantee that they will never be bailed out, could they run up a n on very quickly? could there be a shift in marketplace based on the fortunes of this law? >> definitely.
6:40 pm
neil: it fas on its own weight and tomfoolery. but it more or less seems to me that it is a drag on the economy this year. is that correct? >> it is more as you imply a wait-and-see thing. the health care industry has a lot of levers to pull. they have huge lobbyists and the plan can be rewritten. my gosh, through lower rates and better insurce and more market oriented. neil: gary, thank you so much.
6:41 pm
this is what makes you such a nice guy, you are an optimist. the governor or the godfather. coming up next, the attack on chris christie that might have gone one step too far
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
neil: it is time to let loose and two nights at special edition. >> far better of an impression, a lot of you are shouting on twitter, go to chris christ, a lot of folks are getting fired and fired up.
6:45 pm
definitely going too far ,-com,-com ma still another, not at all saying how chris christie acts. and one more, will they realize on the left and makes all things go part of his. >> i think that the last was ght on. using public property to rig a presidential election which it looks like what the white house is doing with the irs. and that is worse than closing the turnpike. nevertheless there are a lot of people in new jersey who does work with chris christie thing that this guy is a little closer to tony soprano than ronald reagan.
6:46 pm
>> there is a new head of this new how to let the free market go and stood by it than to have this kind of wishy-washy situation happen. on the other hand there are a lot of conservatives who don't like the fact that he has raised taxes overall in new jersey sinc he has been governor of new jersey. he raised this whole of the bridge about 100%. >> it is an overall increase. and so nevertheless, you love to see him telling you is public-sector union what the truth is and he is the first politician that spoke to them in a long time. i think generally speaking there are more republicans moving against it now than in favor. neil: we will watch it closely in the meantime.
6:47 pm
foreclosures diving to a six-year low. needing to get out of the way, letting the market works. get the government ut. pick your bank with care. so once they get their sticky fingers and something that they never let go, talk about controll situations. >> just as they should be getting out, they are getting back then and they are pulling themselves back then. and this is a report tha dates back to 2010. rejoining president obama in the white house about how to use executive privilege. number one in this rept is to promote automatic mediaon to avoid foreclosure. president obama thinks that everyone is a victim and that no one should be in foreclosure even if they are a deadbeat, the
6:48 pm
government should jump in to help them out and they may use executive privilege to do that. neil: you talk about the housing rescues and mortgage rework. maybe they should look at the history ofthis and say that we are not really iroving things we might as well backtalk. >> there are reasons for foreosure and failure in the private sector and again e start out with the idea that everyone isa victim and that if anhing bad happens to anybody, it going to be because they are victim and that is the free market is about. neil: google is now working on smart contact lenses to monitor your glucose levels and even help with diabetes. luckily at home are very skeptical about this. one person saying that like everything they have done, it will probably be followed. and finally, does it hurt your
6:49 pm
eyes or turn the government is spying? >> took off your glasses like i just took offy glasses. >> yard he has those things. >> yes, i am a little wary of things and that's why we are glasses because i never liked contact lenses. putting something in a high, it hurts and i just wonder about that. >> it very interesting. i have a tendency to be suspicious and i wonder how closely. they have these fingerprint devices and i won't do that. will you? i don't want anyone to have my fingerprint. >> i have a very mysterious past.
6:50 pm
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his beloved should time warner investors do what they are told to do? th is the same guy that says that he is perfectly okay with fansllegally downloading popular promotion
6:54 pm
does he risk this? >> yes, he dies. but i think that this is a very gutsy move and he is onto something. this is why google is always getting into it. this is not only the contents of the user's behavior and i think that by making this move they have figred out something about monetizing the consumers. >> that is here the internet is anyway. it is a democratization of content. how you create values of the proposition for invests. and i think he has a way to
6:55 pm
monetize the other 29.5 million that nobody thought of yet and i want to see what it is. neil: are there obvious things that are on the go? >> i think that they provide the content and it's intriguing to me and tell about you ingratiate yourself in technolog today and that is what is interesting me about this. neil: some of you didn't believe me and that's perfectly
6:56 pm
morgan stanley blindly across expectations and i will tell you once again that the banks are back. there is a separate argument made and it's already reflected in those documents. and i still think that there needs to be different regulations. but i'm going to go along for the ride. because i think that they are here to stay and i like i'm. neil: the argument for banks coming back. but they rotate out with a more traditional sectors this year. when it comes to financials,
6:57 pm
what do you say of this particular thing? >> it is to provide liquidity and the fed made it loud and clear. so really what you want to look for for the first time since the financial crisis began and how they are going to parse that money out and i think that you will go through additional training and loans and i think that it will go into basics like our rail and housing in our consumer base. neil: what is your sen neil: what is your sense of the market this year? and i mean, after such an incredible year last year. what do you see happening? >> if you look at history we are about the legendary bull market runs o the last 115 years. there's a lot of liquidity still on the sdelines. people ar not participating.
6:58 pm
this is a bull market everyon loves to hate. and i think if you look to companies that have good products those things never go out of style. ani am expecting this in 2014. so i'm enthusiastic even though i can't tell which way it is going to go. >> intel has a capital budget. if they cut back, that says to me that the pc industry has an ongoing shift into google into tablets and wearable devices that i think it's coming. but the only question is one. neil: a lot of their stuff is in there, is that right? >> yes, some of the
6:59 pm
implementations or the ships they go into it. i think that they can make more. i'm not confident that its intel is the rest of the broader industry. neil: there're so many players but some of them have devices and apple is chief amongst them. >> that is right and this is something that's very interesting to me. loing at the relative difference is what is the form factor and what does this look like. and when injectors, i don't know what the endgame is here. what i do know is that we are integrating a technology that is downright scary to me the. neil: what you think of the whole google thing taking over the world, glasses, contacts, you name it, devices like the thermometers and other devices? >> you better buy a tom-tom and
7:00 pm
a sundial. if we don't like this, stage two. in the next five or 10 years the government will be able to track in ways that we haven't dreamed up yet. from an investor's standpoint kennedy: what defines a and separates us but when did talking about a beme recess? somebody aspects of our political lives revolve around the issue android public -- policy and agree should trigger any time we differeiate theyay it is because of skin color and we landed in hot water but kindu stereotyping and tighter grip is almost impossible to get out once you've landed the quarter. obamacare comment tea party is a racist? that is the question we ask tonight. this is a "the independents"


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